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What is JMZ Walls

JMZ Walls is a group of Bushwick residents who love the diversity and identity of Bushwick. We are committed to providing a unique collaborative experience for artists and our community. We endeavor to seek out available walls for local and global artists to create pieces that will be viewed by the greater Bushwick community. Our goal is to not only beautify our neighborhood, but to provide imaginative works of art the residents of Bushwick would not otherwise have access to. We believe that the streets have the potential to be a gallery to recount the history and progression of New York and the larger global community.


Currently we are an independent group who has advocated for spaces to paint in the neighborhood. The artists we invite are the ones who are providing the paint and the artistic talent to create the wonderful pieces we have organized to date. At this time we are looking to expand our project to include public parks and other local organizations that work within the community to create a unified Bushwick. Be a part of JMZ Walls! We are always looking for sponsors to collaborate with, and we’d love to hear from you. Send us at email: [email protected]


Yeah, we are pretty good at finding blank spaces so far, but we definitely want more. Do you own a space? Do you know of a space? Let us know! Send us an email: [email protected]


If you’d like to work with us, please send us at email: [email protected] We are always looking for artists to paint with us.


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